Brand new flat

Welcome to 2022

All things shiny and new!

Architecture is an ever-evolving art form. Octave has tapped into recent advances in the real estate industry to design the living spaces today’s young professionals are looking for.

This new development features smartly designed floor plans, optimized living spaces, bright interiors and quality finishes that come together in perfect harmony.

What matters most is feeling right at home.

Octave offers must-have common areas that are designed to promote your well-being while keeping rental fees reasonable.

Take advantage of these no-frills shared areas as an extension of your living space, and perhaps get to know your neighbours at the same time.

Fully equipped gym
Rooftop patio
Coworking space
Secure lobby with parcel reception area
Private garden on the rooftop patio (optional)
Indoor parking space with EV charging station (optional)
Now that I have an indoor parking space with an electric car charging station, I’ve finally been able to switch to a greener car. And no more shovelling snow before work! It’s really the right choice for me!
— Be like David.
Stay warm while helping the planet.

A new development is right up my alley!

The stringent quality standards that apply to new buildings guarantee your well-being. With enhanced soundproofing and insulation, Octave’s newest development offers you both a cozy living space and significant energy savings.

Each flat is designed to optimize your space and comfort, with nine-foot ceilings, quality building materials and a nine-inch concrete slab structure.

Enjoy total peace of mind knowing you’re fully protected with the building’s modern security systems, including around-the-clock surveillance cameras and electronic access control.